A large number of my companions from the software engineering foundation ask me inquiries like, how to turn into a Machine learning engineer in India, what amount does a Machine learning Engineer acquire, or how might I become a Machine Learning engineer without an advanced education. Thus, I thought why not compose sites on these themes. Along these lines, how about we begin. I will be imparting some simple and demonstrated techniques to which somebody can begin with Machine learning. Along these lines, we will go there above all, we should examine a few fundamentals things.

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Let’s start with a brief introduction about what Game theory is all about. So,Game theory is a branch of mathematics which deals with analysing the strategies in a competitive situation where the move of one player depends on the actions of the other player. In other words it is the study of strategically interdependent behaviour.


Game theory is used widely in deciding government policies, decision making during war, economic policies, pricing strategies etc.

Interesting fact — Game theory is used by Uber for its pricing strategy.

What we will cover?

In these series of lectures we will talk about strict dominance, pure strategy Nash…

In this article, I will be showing you how to code a Neural Network from scratch. Most of us use modern libraries like TensorFlow and Keras to code a Neural Network in a few lines of code. But if you want to have a clear understanding of Neural Networks you must know how to code it from scratch.

I hope you will like this article and it will help aspiring data scientist. So let’s start by understanding what a neural network is.

I got motivation for writing this article from Favio Vázquez.

What is a Neural Network?

Neural Network is based on the belief that…

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AI Engineer. Deep learning enthusiast and an avid tech follower.

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